How This Site Works

The intent of this site is not necessarily to be a daily update of the status of the beaches but instead a location where we can provide residents an easily accessible site to post the current status of the swimming areas or other information. While the conditions of the beaches and swimming areas are continuously monitored, we only update the site when there is a change in status such as a closure or some other condition (ex. the presence of stinging jellyfish). We don't have dates on the posts since many of them may be applicable for a week or more. When we do have date specific content, such as a closure, we will include those dates in the post. If there is a change in status, we do our best to update the site by 8am. On occasion we have significant rainfall events that may lead to mid-day closures or we are made aware of issues at other points during the day, on those days we would update this site but also work with the Waterfront Director to initiate the mid-day closure at the affected areas.

Sampling and Monitoring Concluded for the Season

Routine water sampling and beach monitoring has concluded for the season and will resume in May of 2019.